Don't let the Government take away your rights! 

The Government insists changes are needed to tackle fraudulent or exaggerated whiplash claims, and has proposed to do just that by increasing the small claims limit from £1000 to £5000. 

Unfortunately, their proposals have lumped cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and horse riders into the mix. That's a problem, as whiplash claims for these people are like hens' teeth and hardly ever happen. 

Broken bones and other injuries are the norm, and with 70 percent of cyclists' claims being under £5000, victims will be out of pocket once the legal wrangles with insurance companies are over, as they will have to foot the bill for their own legal costs. 

Fortunately, Catherine West, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, is arguing pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horseriders should not be swept up by measures that are designed to curb whiplash claims.

She's asking other MPs to sign up in support of her Parliamentary Motion - and Cycling UK needs your help to make this happen. 

Fill in your details, click 'Next' and we'll take you to an editable letter which you can look over before sending to your MP asking for their support. 

Please note, fortunately these proposals will not affect Scotland or Northern Ireland, so there is no need to write to your MP if that's where you live. 

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Take action now and make the Government realise Road Victims are Real Victims.