Making our roads safe for everyone

Four years ago, the Ministry of Justice promised a full review of all road traffic offences and sentencing, but this still hasn’t happened and won't without your help. 

Instead, the Department for Transport are planning to consult later this year about the introduction of new careless and dangerous cycling offences, but without looking more broadly at whether the current legal framework for dealing with irresponsible behaviour on our roads is fit for purpose.  

That’s short-sighted, and it’s vital that the Government looks at both the careless and dangerous driving legislation and the gaps in the law that allow people who endanger others on our roads to carry on driving. That’s why Cycling UK is urging you to write to your MP to raise this with the Government, and urge them to run a wider review that looks at all road user behaviour.

There’s a great opportunity here, because the Government’s cycling and walking safety review asked whether the laws or rules relating to road safety and their enforcement could be used to improve safety for cyclists and walkers whilst promoting active travel.

Cycling UK has answered that question, repeating our long-standing call for a comprehensive review of road traffic offences and penalties - so please help improve road safety for everyone by filling in your details and clicking "Next". You'll then be taken to editable letter to your MP.

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