Let's get a million more women cycling

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Cycling UK ambassador Angellica Bell introduces the Women's Festival of Cycling. 

Angellica only learnt how to ride a bike a few years ago but after receiving some encouragement she realised how much fun it is. 

She's encouraging people new to cycling to come along to the Women's Festival of Cycling and give cycling a go. 

It's estimated that approximately one million women cycle in the UK compared to three times as many men.

We need your help to get more women cycling. 

If every person who cycles gets just one non-cycling female out on their bike, imagine the difference we can make.

This pledge is not just for women, we need men to take the pledge to get a female friend or family member out on their bikes. 



know a female who doesn't cycle, and I pledge to take them cycling with me to experience the joys of riding a bike.

Complete your details below and tell us the name of the person you pledge to take cycling.