Welsh Election 2021: Tell politicians that cycling is for everyone

Darllenwch yn Gymraeg

The next Welsh Government needs to make cycling an easy and attractive option, especially for everyday short journeys, to ensure that cycling truly is for everyone in Wales. 

But we need your help to show political parties that there is huge support for cycling from people across Wales.

Our Manifesto for Cycling asks the next Government to:

  • Invest more money in cycling infrastructure and behaviour change
  • Deliver high quality cycle lanes and liveable neighbourhoods
  • Ensure communities are connected with each other and the countryside.

Add your name in support of our asks - and increase pressure on parties to improve their commitment to cycling ahead of the election.

**To show that real people support our manifesto, we'll need to share your initial, surname, and postcode with the political parties when we take this petition to them. We won't share any other details with them, and we won't share any of your details publicly.
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