Where are your missing links for off-road cycling?

We want to make it easier to ride from your door to enjoy England’s fantastic countryside.

Often, opening up one short missing link can make the difference.

You can use our map tool to suggest where future improvements could be made to help more people explore their local area by bike. To make these suggestions a reality, make sure you then scroll down and get in touch with your council to let them know about it – we’ve provided some draft text to make it quick and easy.

Your missing link might be a track that isn’t open for cycling because it’s classed as a footpath, or a disused railway line that would form a great link between two towns. Perhaps it’s a boggy route that if resurfaced, could be useable all year round.

How to add things to the map (video)

  • Zoom in to the location of your route.
  • Click the square Edit icon (with the pencil).
  • Select the current status of the route (there is a legend below the map if you want to check), then click along it on the map to draw a line. Double click to finish.
  • A box will appear where you can add a comment about your route. You also have the option to attach a photo. Scroll down and press Save, then press Close.
  • If you make a mistake, you can press the Undo button at the bottom of the Edit box.
  • Once you’ve closed the Edit box, clicking anywhere on the map beside your route and then pressing the arrow in the pop-up box will tell you which council area it is in.
  • After you've added your routes, don't forget to email your council to ask them to look at the map - otherwise they won't see your additions.

Tip: click the Layers icon to view the National Cycle Network or satellite imagery.

Open the map full-screen - just use the back button in your browser to return to this page, your changes will save automatically. (It's easier to do this on a computer as it's fiddly on a phone.)

Now you've added your routes, please ask your council to take a look at the map and include the suggestions in their future plans.

We've suggested some text to help on the next page.

You can check the council area using the map above - click anywhere on the map and then click the arrow in the pop-up box. If your route is in a neighbouring council area, you can choose to write to that council instead.

Unfortunately if you live in Northumberland, Herefordshire or Newham, we don't have an email address for your council - but you can still get in touch using the contact forms on this page.

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